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IoT Devices & Technology

Sensing & controlling our physical world. Discover how IoT devices and technology grant us unprecedented control and sensory perception of our environment, paving the way for a smarter world.

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IoT for Industry X.0

Connecting people, machines and IoT data to transform industries & jobs. Learn about the IoT-enabled revolution in every industry, connecting people, machines, and IoT data to redefine industries and careers in the digital era.

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IoT Cyber-Physical Security & Privacy

Securing machines and data for our cyber-physical lifestyles. Engage with the vital importance of IoT security and privacy to protect our cyber-physical systems in an increasingly connected world.

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Sustaintable Development With IoT

Future proofing our planet & inhabitants. Explore how IoT aids sustainable development, helping to future-proof our planet through smart, eco-conscious technology solutions.

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IoT-Enabled Innovations & Startups

Best practices for entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs. Dive into the best practices that drive IoT innovations and startups, fueling entrepreneurial success in the thriving IoT marketplace.

Propelling Forward with Openness

Our commitment: unlocking collaborative potential to accelerate industry-specific solutions worldwide through open source and open innovation.

Internet of Things

Fostering global industrial evolution through collaborative IoT ecosystems.

Edge Computing

Powering industries around the world with edge computing for real-time data analysis and decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence

Catalyzing innovation worldwide with intelligent, data-driven AI solutions.


Enhancing global industrial efficiency with advanced, open-source robotic technologies.

Industry X.0: Transforming every SECTOR with IOT

Empowering Connections, Advancing Industries: The IoT Revolution





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Discover, Connect, Grow

Attend our events to immerse yourself in the latest IoT innovations and network with industry pioneers. Each event is a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights, discover emerging trends, and connect with a community shaping the future of technology.


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Our community

Join a collective of forward-thinkers who are driving the IoT revolution. Our community is the heart of our events, a hub where professionals, hobbyists, and innovators unite to push boundaries.

OUR Members, Volunteers, Speakers and Panelists represent STARTUPS, ENTERPRISES, ACADEMIA, GOVERNMENT, AND INVESTORS

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Continuous Learning

Access to a wealth of knowledge and resources on IoT and related fields.

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Supportive Network

Engage with a community that supports and elevates each other's aspirations.

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Collaboration Opportunities

Collaborate on projects, share ideas, and make lasting connections.

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Exclusive Events and Workshops

Enjoy member-only access to special events, webinars, and more.

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Receive regular updates on the latest industry news, trends, and opportunities.

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"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people."

- Steve Jobs

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