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Step into a world where innovation and collaboration meet at our events.


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Gain firsthand knowledge from industry leaders and pioneers.

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Connect with a diverse group of professionals, enthusiasts, and visionaries.


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Engage in discussions, workshops, and think tanks that foster creative problem-solving.

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Discover opportunities and partnerships that could propel your professional journey forward.

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Startup Series

How Manufacturers Assess and Collaborate with Startups

Past Events

Open Source Edge Computing

Using open source software to improve streaming on the edge

Artificial Intelligence of Things

Adding causality to Digital Twins

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Igniting innovation: Upcoming pitch CompetiTIons

Join us at the forefront of technological transformation with our upcoming virtual pitch competitions. Witness groundbreaking ideas as startups showcase solutions revolutionizing industries and jobs with IoT, Artificial Intellgience and software.

Transforming Africa's landscapes with innovative startup solutions.

Featured sectors: Agriculture, Energy, ICT, Transportation, Mining, Water, Manufacturing, Logistics

Revolutionizing the UK's infrastructure with the power of startups.

Featured sectors: Agriculture, Energy, ICT, Transportation, Space, Water, Manufacturing, Logistics

Harnessing Technology for Sustainable Fashion and Textiles

Featured sectors: Sustainable Materials, Eco-Processing, Green Logistics, Smart Design, Transparent Supply Networks, Circular Fashion, Fair Trade Tech, Fashion Intelligence

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Present your knowledge and insights in IoT to a captive audience.

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Connect with industry leaders and like-minded professionals.

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Elevate your professional standing as a thought leader in the IoT community.

"Community is much more than belonging to something; it's about doing something together that makes belonging matter."

- Brian Solis

Empower your future with IoT: Join us, innovate, and drive change.

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